Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Florida's Culture Of Corruption: Pam Bondi

Pam Bondi had shown that her priority wasn't the public.
Bondi joined the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act. Last summer, Bondi also joined the lawsuit against the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan, which seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming and sea level rise. According to a study  no state faces a greater threat from rising seas than Florida. Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Jacksonville are the cities most at risk. Yet Bondi would block the program that allows states to create plans for reducing emissions by 2020. here
Given her resistance to the Affordable Care Act and the Clean Power Plan, it is no surprise that Bondi placed her political interests above the interests of Floridians who complained to the state that Trump University scammed them. The difference is the clarity of Bondi's selfishness.

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