Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kevin Beckner Is Being Targeted By The Tampa Bay Partnership

As a result of Commissioner Kevin Beckner's NO vote on TBX June 22, he is being targeted by the Tampa Bay Partnership (TBXYes).
Targeting was made most clear when he received an email from the TBP VP, Public Policy and Advocacy, 
Ryan Patmintra .
The message was directed to all TBP members and MPO Board members. It summarized the vote count, identified those voting NO and the races they are in this cycle, if any.
Please support Kevin now as he supported us. Come to the fundraiser or visit his campaign website and leave a donation at www.kevinbeckner.com
Thank you ... Rick Fernandez


Anonymous said...

This blog is doing the same thing with the people that voted yes.

Tom said...

We need to spend our transportation money on transit, not more and more roads.

Anonymous said...

...a non denial denial......nice