Saturday, July 9, 2016

Democratic Party Threatening To Throw Chris Cano Out

Because he continues to advocate for Bernie and expose the corruption of Hillary Clinton. They want him to remove all his Facebook post that can be construed as negative towards Clinton. They threatened to have him removed from the party because he was an undecided Democrat on National Television. They have attempted to have him removed from all his party leadership positions because he will not fall in line with the corrupt Democratic Establishment.

"Thanks to the Party Leaders who continue to have my back. I have consulted my legal counsel and until Clinton is the actual nominee, I am in no violation of my Democratic Loyalty Oath by continuing to expose her corruption. I do not support nor will support Donald Trump. And, I will not be bullied and censored by the corrupt Democratic Party Establishment. So please feel free to let her know how you feel about these threats. Always Your Voice." Chis Cano

Go Bernie! Go Chris, we got your back here at this blog just like you always have ours!

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