Thursday, July 28, 2016

Local Treasure Deanna Hardy-Joseph

Accept and be Educated. I know it's hard for many and the death of my child has been crucial to me, but this right here is definitely necessary dialogue for all. You remember my son Andrew Joseph, III my 14 year old son who was captured and later killed, when his first encounter with Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputies in Tampa, FL was his last encounter well reality has demonstrated that his black life didn't matter, his safety didn't matter, his loving parents awaiting him to return home didn't matter, a phone call to his parents didn't matter. His lost of life and stolen future didn't matter. He wasn't worthy of protection, safety or a valid homicide investigation where the Florida Highway Patrol Corporal wouldn't develop selective amnesia which entailed forgeting the policies and procedure of a homicide investigation. You see this corrupt system doesn't work for Black victims or there survivors. however, it seems to be working well for the most privileged. here

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