Sunday, July 3, 2016

Shame On Soto's Optical Boutique

Let Soto's Optical Boutique know what you think about their homeless shaming and further marginalizing struggling communities by leading the charge in campaigning AGAINST direct aid, food sharing, money sharing and supportive mutual aid saying it 
"enables them." 

This action decontextualizes WHY these folks are on the streets in the first place; taking the onus off of poor access to medical/mental health care, veterans dealing with injuries and disabilities due to the STATE, lack of jobs, lack of education, lack of social services. Instead of dealing with these issues, Soto's would rather humiliate and dehumanize folks at a difficult time in their lives by photographing them sleeping- and using these images to belittle them on social media. here

Don't enable Soto's establishment by patronizing them... ever and let them know what you think of them here

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