Friday, July 1, 2016

Statement From Our Leader Susan Smith

Today the Democratic Progressive Caucus is joining the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence in calling for a special legislative session to consider an assault weapons ban as well as expanded background checks for gun purchases. It's time to end the NRA's stranglehold on gun policy and to make these sensible changes to our laws.
Last month's mass shooting in Orlando should have been a wake up call for Governor Scott, Attorney General Bondi, Speaker of the House Crisafulli and Senate President Gardner. A special session is needed immediately to address the proliferation of military assault weapons and the ease with which they're purchased. Our safety is in the hands of these leaders, and they are ignoring the obvious dangers of today's gun culture while serving the interests of the National Rifle Association and weapons manufacturers.
Since the founding of our caucus, gun safety has been one of our top legislative priorities. Three years ago, we called on the Florida Legislature to revisit the Stand Your Ground law in a special session. Our calls were ignored. It is our hope that the slaughter in Orlando will finally force our leaders to put safety ahead of the interests of the gun lobby by calling a special session now.
We also urge voters to look at the records of candidates before casting their ballots this fall. Check campaign donations and NRA ratings to see which candidates care about you and your community, then please vote accordingly. here

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Tom said...

The NRA is a gun manufacturers and sellers lobby masquerading as a gun owner rights group. Most NRA members support background checks and oppose gun sales to criminals and terrorists while their leadership only cares about maximizing profit by maximizing sales.

This group has a large membership and great popularity. It's a mistake to make them the focus of this campaign. Progressive Democrats will energize NRA membership to help elect republicans.

The assault weapon ban was full of loopholes and was not renewed. Supporters should explain why their proposal would be different and better.

Democrats support background checks along with 90% of voters, yet somehow manage to position themselves as extremists.