Friday, July 29, 2016

Tampa Bay Beware Of Fake Progressives

The battle between Bernie and Clinton has brought them out. From politicians to publications to radio stations to individuals they are now out in the open.

Comrades Remember!

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Dave Roberson said...

Surely, only the most die hard Clinton sychophants believed the phony platitudes contained in last nights speech.
The "tribute" to 9-11,(Morgan Freeman IS an actor), failed to mention the millions of deaths that Clinton bears some responsibility for as a result of her support for the illegal and still continuing Iraq War--As well as the bombing of other Middle Eastern nations that have never directly threatened the U.S.
She has no connection to the middle/working class despite her empty rhetoric.
She spouts Identity Politics with a failure to recognize an out of control militarized police force and supports a military that will continue to be used as an imperialistic global terror force...
After last nights lip service to "making the rich pay their fair share" let us see the transcripts of her 6 figure payday speeches to Wall Street players.
We'll get no tax returns from asshole Trump, and we'll get no word on what the next political heiress promised bankers. No accountability-only vapid promises...