Friday, September 30, 2016

Howard Frankland Bridge Under Attack By The Florida DOT

The Florida Department of Transportation plans to give one of four lanes (Which we all have paid for with our tax dollars) in each direction on the Howard Frankland Bridge to the rich folks who can 
afford to use it. 
At a recent candidate forum in Temple Terrace, transit champion Pat Kemp who was allotted only a couple minutes to speak said this:

" They're taking away a lane you now use, and they're turning it into a congestion, high-priced toll lane, a lane that we pay for with our general revenue, all the rest of us who can't afford to pay that will be stuck in even more 
congestive traffic."

The guy she is running against was not at that forum but he told the Times he thought DOT's plan for the bridge was just one option and that community concerns would have pushed the agency to reconsider. 

Tim Schock is a transportation consultant and previously worked as an executive for TransCore, the company that developed the toll collection device called SunPass used on Florida's toll roads. 
He supports TBX.

This Novenber, VOTE wisely!
Whoever wins the commission seat on Nov. 8 
could have an opportunity to sway the debate.


Anonymous said...

Ha, the truth comes out. Now we know what his motives were to run.

Anonymous said...

All we need. A transportation (Lobbyist?) on our commission.

Anonymous said...

He is not a lobbyist. He doesn't think that tbx is an all inclusive plan. Does no one want to address kemp working on the solar lobby? Or that she is a member of the tea party?

Anonymous said...

Damn. Again, PLEASE check your facts! You guys are just looking stupid at this point. If any of this were true, Pat wouldn't be refusing to debate Mr. Schock. Pat knows she can't offer actual solutions so she's going to hide behind her Cathy Castor endorsement until election day. The people have a right to hear these two candidates debate the issues.

Stogie said...

We don't usually answer Anon comments, but we will in this case. Ms Kemp will be at L'Unione Italiana in Ybor on 10.14 at 11:30am for the Tiger Bay debate, hopefully Mr. Schock can make it.