Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Local Blogger MaryJo Pezzi

I am voting GREEN2016 - Jill Stein and just left the Democrats after being a voter since 1978. My dad and grand dad would be so disgusted! They always said, back in the 1960's "if you don't make $40,000 then you are a Democrat!" This is exactly why we have Trump running as a hero to the working class! Because "The working man's party" Democrats are all 

You expect that from the Republicans, considered "The business party." The Koch Billionaires etc own the Republicans and the Tea Party. It was the Labor Movement and Farm Workers Movement that pushed FDR's NEW DEAL. When FDR came to the DNC with more delegates it was still a "contested convention" because of the MONEY SUCKERS in the Democratic Party! I have dedicated my Google blog to Bernie and now to Jill Stein ----
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