Saturday, December 10, 2016

Corporate America Hillsborough County, Florida Is The Place To Be

Attention job creators
Not only do we offer:
Great Weather, Beautiful beaches with great views (No oil derricks), Great Universities, The Florida Aquarium, Great Food, Great Beer, Gambling, Cross Bay Ferries, Ybor City, SOHO, The best strip clubs in the world.
But Our County Commissioners will give you $350.000 for every 30 job you create.

To get in on the action.
Contact one of our sales representatives
Victor Crist: 813-272-5452
Ken Hagan:  813-272-5725
Al Higginbotham: 813-272-5735
Sandy Murman: 813-272-5470
Stacy White: 813-272-7049
Les Niller:  813-272-5720
Pat Kemp:  813-272-5730

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