Tuesday, January 3, 2017

TPD Detained Dezeray Lyn

According to Jimmy Dunson, FNB share at Gaslight Park, was threatened with arrest by four TPD officers and a Parks Division worker for refusing to "pack up and leave immediately.  TPD detained Dezeray Lyn for 30 minutes while running her ID and stated that we can no longer share without permits, citing an ordinance that is only being enforced now as the city prepares for world famous musicians and sporting events happening in our community this weekend. The Parks Division worker walked around photographing houseless folks eating breakfast in the park while TPD demanded that they leave the public park for doing absolutely nothing. 

 This is in addition to TPD arresting houseless folks and telling them to "disappear for two weeks" to invisiblize them so tourists and concert goers don't have to see Tampa's suffering. This is discrimination that we should not take lightly. here


Anonymous said...

I almost want to help prepare 200 sandwiches for anyone with outdoor homes, and have all of us sit in the most obvious part of the city during the musical & sporting events. Can that be done?

Allen Wasserman said...

Thank you Julio for sticking up for the homeless this is your friend Allen I'm in San Diego I live in my van

Stogie said...

Thanks Allen, hope you are well!