Thursday, May 25, 2017

Richard Corcoran Florida's Biggest Loser

He had to pay fellow blogger (And what ever else it is he does) Peter Schorsch $20,000 
to name him biggest winner. 

"When allocations come down, it has to be recognized - again - the masterful play by @RichardCorcoran," Peter Schorsch, gushed on Twitter  the same day Corcoran made the payment.
After the session finally ended, Schorsch crowned Corcoran the biggest winner: 
"He’s the master of the House. No, make that the Capitol....Light up another Montecristo: This ride is just gettin’ started."
Mr. Corcoran do the right thing and we will call
 you a winner for free.

We are NOT part of 
Florida's Culture Of Corruption! 
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Anonymous said...

Ha! he makes thousands for lying you make shit for telling the truth. I will donate what I can.

Anonymous said...

F**king amazing.

Anonymous said...

Fake news?