Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Republican Party: Bunch Of Do-Nothing, Worthless Pimps

"Keep your hands tight on your wallets – in fact, if you are a member of the Republican Party I would suggest you quit that reckless bunch of do-nothing, worthless pimps and save your soul from this joke. Join the ranks of the NPA instead." Senior Chief Geoff Ross, U.S. Navy (ret.), Navarre here
Geoff Ross is a retired Senior Chief from the US Navy. He had a distinguished career and established his mark starting with being the youngest Senior Chief ever in the Navy. He is one of the staunchest defenders of our Republic and will tell anyone when they are off track and not pull any punches doing so! Honor, integrity, truth, plain spoken, and a doer are hallmarks of Senior Chief Geoff Ross. Here is another statement from Mr. Ross. 
"The US government is the most corrupt illegally operated cesspool in our history. I will stay in their faces until these people are jailed, arrested, prosecuted, exposed and taken out of office.! Republicans or Democrats. I do not discriminate." Senior Chief Geoff Ross US Navy retired.

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