Friday, January 12, 2018

Florida Dem Annette Taddeo's Corporate Welfare Bill

Newly minted Democrat Annette Taddeo has introduced a bill (SB 1606) That would create the “Florida Motion Picture Capital Corporation” Basically lining the pockets of Hollywood execs. here
She said “This effort will bring high paying jobs, grow the middle class, have a positive impact on small businesses."

This is not always true. Hillsborough County paid the producers of The Infiltrator $250.000, they were in the bay area 8 days. Tim Burton got $100.00. Ben Affleck tried to extort money from us or he would move his production of "Live By Night" which took place in Ybor City to Savannah, Ga. We held firm and he did. The film was a flop, loosing  $75 million. 
Her plan will eventually need a “one and done” infusion 
of $10-20 million.
 Some history: In 2010, lawmakers set aside nearly $300 million for incentives to bring movies and television projects to Florida.

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