Friday, January 12, 2018

Florida Democratic Progressive Caucus Responds to Trump's Racist Comment

Coral Springs - Michael Calderin, Vice-President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, has released the following statement:
It may come as some surprise that the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida understands President Trump's recent inflammatory comment.
Let us provide some context. After all, as Floridians, we have been living in the presence of a shithole for years. And the disgust has grown exponentially over the last year, particularly as it was occupied for nearly a quarter of 2017 by the most rancid, foul-mouthed person known around the world.
We urge the residents of Palm Beach County to strongly object to the shitholes that are Mar-a-Lago, its owner, and his guests. With the irreversible damage being caused, we can only hope there are grounds for legal action to rid this blight from our otherwise beautiful land.

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