Monday, February 12, 2018

Commissioner Choo Choo Ed Turanchik

 Once dubbed by The Tampa Bay Times for his advocacy of commuter rail, the former Hillsborough County commissioner promises to push next-gen transit options, affordable housing and public-private partnerships to create a city that will be a magnet for world-changers.
"This isn’t about winning the mayor’s race. This is about winning the vision, It’s not about winning the vote, it’s about winning the hearts and souls."
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Dave Roberson said...

Here's the type of transit Turanchik proposes. It would be perfect for Tampa Bay-actually reminiscent of the old street car/trolly system that ran Downtown to West Tampa in the 30's and 40's. These rail buses are electric and less costly than heavy rail and run at street level. If Ed is making serious push for this type of COMMUTER system here, he should be supported. Enough of the bullshit Buckhorn plans that favor upscale dog and crew parks, road clogging Uber favoritism, expensive Vinikville housing geared mainly toward millenials, and fucking up Ybor by displacing poor people for a baseball team no one will watch.
Turanchik places transportation at the top of this areas needs. If he's pro rail and anti TBX or (whatever the fuck they call it now) he'll have alot of support..