Sunday, April 29, 2018

Leonard Pitts Letter To Marco Rubio

Dear Sen. Marco Rubio:
So I see where you came after me on Twitter. I’m flattered. Never knew you cared.
“This well known national writer,” you tweeted about my last column, “states very clearly that the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump are haters who should not be heard from or engaged in dialogue. It’s a view widely held by many elites on left, but very few of them so openly admit to it.”
It fascinates me how you Republicans have repurposed “elites,” which means well above average, into an all-purpose pejorative. I mean, sure, call me an elite, if you insist. But I’d point out that as a U.S. senator, hobnobbing with presidents and potentates while pulling down $174,000 per annum, you are hardly Joe Lunchbucket yourself. more

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