Sunday, May 27, 2018

Asher Edelson on The School Board Scandal

The recent leak on our School Board is upsetting. It shows our community yet another example of how dysfunctional the Board is. The sheer level of hostility between the Board members is certainly disappointing. The interactions highlighted in the La Gaceta are eye opening, and there are more photos that need to be released to confirm what was in the article. What I saw on their page was unfortunate; school board members colluding with each on how to influence elections isn’t a great thing to have out. I remember Snively pompously disdained my idea on making Election Day a school holiday, and nowadays she’s intent on being just another
right wing politician.

Her interactions with candidates and other persons show me that their faction of the Board is morally bankrupt and ready to push for more control. I am not happy with April Griffin, either, who seems to be Snively’s boogeyman. I want to see a new “factionless” faction on the Board to fight for our county and be above
this foolish pettiness.

Asher Edelson


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Well said!

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Snively Gate?