Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Coconut Creek police K-9 officer Brian Valenti

 Is in hot water after posting an offensive comment on Facebook related to Friday’s “die-in” protest at Publix, saying he hoped “some old lady loses control of her car in that lot.” more


Lowell said...

Years ago I spent some time in Chicago so I'm not necessarily an admirer of one who wears the badge. I saw cops beating pastors, and kids. In one instance cops started an bit of violence in order to get an excuse to do those beatings. I was personally asked for a bribe to get out of a ticket. Other encounters with cops in other cities presented egos the size of the Pyramids - a scary thing for one never knew which side of the giant structure the cop was going to slide down.

Still, through the years, I've tried to give police the benefit of the doubt. It's an extremely difficult job and requires a person with a solid grip on the world and a sense of duty that transcends immediate necessities.

Not anymore. Cops scare me. And I'm an old, white man. If I see a police car or motorcycle, I immediately look for some way to avoid any encounter at all for I don't trust the badge or the person wearing it. The police have been militarized; they have become the enemy; they parade about in military gear and act as though they are at war with the people. They no longer protect and serve but look for any pretext for create problems for people - mostly blacks and latinos and others with a darker skin.

To conclude: I know the above contains numerous generalizations which do not apply to all cops. The point is they apply to too many cops. My advice, whatever your skin color or age is to do all you can to avoid any interaction at all with the police. You just never know what you'll find yourself up against and that might get you killed. It would be nice if the cop who made the "offensive comment" on Facebook was fired but that probably won't happen as unless he did something extremely egregious, the boys in blue will circle around to protect one of their own,

Lowell said...
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