Wednesday, September 12, 2018



Delivered 09/12/2018

Team Gillum,

I have met Mayor Gillum, I have actively supported his candidacy and I will likely vote for him in November but I have a few very serious questions to ask of him.

Does Andrew Gillum support the 10-year, $38 billion military aid package to Israel?
Does Andrew Gillum endorse anti-BDS policies?
Does Andrew Gillum support the 2016 Florida Senate Bill 86 that sanctions companies that boycott Israel?

These are all claims the Orlando Weekly says your campaign has shared with them in an unreleased campaign position paper and I and several others want to know if it is true. I have asked these questions of your office before and have received no answer.

Opposing BDS, approving military aid to Israel and suppressing the right of companies to boycott Israel does NOT. in any way, support Israel's existence as a state but instead encourages Israel's government in it's inhumane oppression of the Palestinian people and it's openly admitted goal to completely eradicate the Palestinian population and claim all of Palestine for Israel.

Please respond. If there exists a campaign position paper stating Mayor Gillum's position on these issues, I feel you owe it to your supporters to make this paper public.

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