Thursday, January 10, 2019

Reach For The Sky - The Sky Is The Limit

During the past few months, I took time to not only assist other local candidates in their political races while continuing to help the community, but to also reflect on what is still needed in Hillsborough County: affordable housing, climate justice, adequate care for the houseless community and basic civil services that marginalized communities still lack.
As an outspoken mother, organizer and nurse, my priority has always been people, which is why I've decided to not give up on representing the under-represented and run for County Commission District 3. Many of you were a huge part of my campaign and helped us to build a strong grassroots foundation while building immense power and recognition on a bare bones budget. I'm asking you to rally behind once again. Giving up was never an option! If you’re just as excited as I am and want to get involved, send our Facebook page a message and the team will reach out to you and plug you in. Sky U. White

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