Monday, July 29, 2019

Florida Inc. Hits Tampa Bay

So as most of you have probably heard, we lost on Thursday. 3-1.
Desantis, Moody and Patronis all sided with their campaign donors, unsurprisingly. We did see progress in that Nikki Fried signaled to the community that she is here to stand up for Floridians on climate change. So there is hope beyond Thursday's vote.

It's tough when you are going against a quarter million dollars of reelection money and God knows how much more in "steak dinners". I know that we had the facts presented clearly in the room and Desantis chose to ignore those and let TECO get their gas plans approved.

I'll save the speech on fracking, which is IMO the worst ecological crisis facing us today. The fact that the Gov. cut voices short, ignored detailed evidence on the benefits of solar vs the downfalls of gas and held ZERO discussion on the issue tells you everything you need to know about Ron Dishonest.
This quote says it all:
“If you approve this, you have lower emissions. I mean, that's just the fact,” said DeSantis

But some, like Brian Lee with Rethink Energy Florida, argue methane, the primary fuel source for natural gas plants, is equally problematic.

“There are leaks at every point in the process that are equivalent to the CO2 emissions of all coal that is burned in the country,” said Lee. Governor Ron DeSantis, why do you continue to ignore the facts. Oh yeah, that's right. You are looking at your own reelection campaign instead of protecting FL. Don't even care about your hometown of Dunedin, Florida? A place that will be gone soon due to these types of projects you just approved. Well, keep voting against our future and we will make to see you at the voting booth! Believe that.

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