Sunday, July 28, 2019

Florida’s House

Tampa friends! Who will we see run for Florida’s State legislature in 2020? Which issues will dominate the election? Climate change, educational equity, cannabis rights, voting protection, bolstering sustainable jobs?

Someone needs to run against and defeat Rep. Toledo for South Tampa’s house seat. Who might it be? Former candidates David Singer or Debra Bellanti, attorney Matt Newton, or someone else?

We need someone to primary Sen. Rouson; maybe former Reps. Ed Narain or Sean Shaw? Any ideas?

Thankfully Jessica Harrington is running against Rep. Grant! Are there any other state legislators who need replacing? Who could be the ideal candidate to rise to the challenge of changing Florida’s House & Senate? Comment below with who and why!

Stay groovy!

— Asher


Anonymous said...

Why don't you like Rouson? He's a democrate silly.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Rouson is a crackhead bum.