Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Green Party Corruption

Green party candidate seeking nominations Unfortunately, the Green Party is operating as a “DNC-Light”. I believe in my party’s values. I just don’t believe in the current leadership because they are actively rigging the primary. A group of insiders got together and created a campaign plan before selecting a candidate to run. The insiders are people in leadership and influential positions. These insiders are partially made up co-chairs, steering and media committee members. They have been using their positions to not only promote their chosen candidate but to also censor and prevent the other candidates from taking part in party events. They’ve throttled the momentum of other candidates by manipulating the process and narrative. There are requirements that those seeking the presidential nomination must complete in order to receive “official recognition”. Once having the “Official recognition” candidates are supposed to be provided with additional resources from the party. There isn’t a rule saying that one can’t win the nomination without it. The official recognition, however, has been used to prevent candidates from being on primary ballots, being invited to attend Presidential forums and was even used to prevent candidates from speaking at state meetings that only had 10 people present.

The requirements are simple Basically, 100 signatures and raising $10 from at least 100 people. The other simple requirement is the “affiliation” rule. It requires that the candidate NOT be a registrant or member of another political party. I’m newer to the party and haven’t had a lot of time to build enough relationships with people in order to reach that 100 signatures mark organically. This shouldn’t be about a popularity contest. It’s supposed to be about ideas. I’m not one that even likes to ask for money. Since we want money out of politics, I imagined my impact on the primary would be greater if I were able to show what I can do with damn near no money spent. I assumed that when I was told that I was taking part in a fair and honest primary that I’d be given the opportunity to speak to the party. Since there was no deadline to fulfill those requirements, I wasn’t as concerned with having the recognition status. What I didn’t expect was to run into insiders would cheat the candidates by using those bullshit metrics. I didn’t expect for long time greens in these official positions to shame candidates for not having reached the requirements all while ignoring the affiliation rule for their chosen candidate.

The Green Party is supposed to be the answer to the problems with political parties. So, this isn’t about me personally. My personal experience in this primary is only an example of what is wrong with politics. It’s the same problem we see in our churches, schools and institutions. When you ignore bad behavior to save face then nothing changes. We should not reward corruption. We shouldn't be okay with censorship. We should not ignore those being disenfranchised by the system. We should not turn away those who are angry and in need of a place to go. We should forget that we are all human with value to offer. I believe in the Green Party values. That’s why I’m a Green. That’s why I’m running under
the Green Party banner. HERE


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