Thursday, March 19, 2020

Help FSU Teachers and Students

Are there any parents or secondary students homeschooling right now who would be interested in online tutoring in social sciences? there’s a group of bright preservice teachers at FSU that right now are looking to make ends meet. we have taken classes specializing in literacy & reading comprehension, ESOL and special education services. we have all passed our first FCTE general education exam and we graduate this semester with our bachelor’s.
many of my classmates have lost their jobs bc of the university closure, a bunch more still have to go into their dead end food service jobs despite the pandemic. we will graduate saddled with debt & enter the teaching profession as some of the lowest paid in the nation. this pandemic is hitting my cohort super hard, and my cohort is like my family. we are doing our best to financially & emotionally support one another, but there’s only so much 18 working class college students can do for each other.
if anyone is looking for tutors, or knows of any mutual aid networks for educators, please reach out!

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