Thursday, May 21, 2020

Democratic Party Trap

We worked hard to take over the Democratic Party from within we failed. now we must extricate ourselves from this trap. Your hard work now can be put to a movement that is not distracted by Party politics is issue based and not led by a politician. we must all have solidarity to this movement we will need to work outside of the Democratic Party.
Jason Bardo


Anonymous said...

Jason Pardo has done ZERO to try to join the Democratic party minus attending a meeting here and there. ZERO. #Facts

Anonymous said...

I have been protesting since I was 16 I'm 37 now. I was part of such movements as black lives matter, fight for 15 formed Brown lives matter, form the local Green Party Chapter. I've attended numerous Democratic meetings unfortunately their bureaucratic and they often hide behind rules not to do what is right. I've been doing a lot of meetings lately my last meeting was with the DSA on the 21st. DSA meeting was real good, I'm going to keep on spreading this message and keep on being the bane of the corrupt! we need a movement that's outside of the Democratic Party that is issue-based not distracted by Party politics and not led by a politician. that's the most important message here not my extended resume. love all my revolutionaries let's shut this shit down!

Anonymous said...

This was written by Jason Bardo X Rodriguez