Sunday, November 20, 2022

Words of Rev. Russell L. Meyer

I tire of hearing "the excesses of the right and the excesses of the left" or of "the tyrannies of the right and the tyrannies of the left" . Show me the excesses and tyrannies of the left! When these supposed tyrannical leftists come to power, it turns out they are tyrannies of the right. Which is to say, landholding over peoples thriving. There are examples of peoples taking power and establishing systems of mutual flourishing. They may be few but there have been and will be more of them as the world becomes smaller - as our global and universal knowledge about one another increases and we see how the wealthiest exploit our differences to grab land and resources for themselves by influencing political systems to protect their property accumulation over the wellbeing of the great part of humanity. This is always the tyranny of landholding and the excesses of proprietarism. We still have a ways to go to overcome the enslavers argument that progress comes only through seeing many suffer so the few have leisure enough to improve the lot of us all. The argument is self-serving on its face and its evil speaks for itself. It is why the right, and or any power based on violence, is morally corrupt at its core.

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