Sunday, March 12, 2023

Tampa Traveler Jeff Z at LAX

Reach of these Rolls Royce engines is capable of producing 72,850 pounds of thrust each. 

These new high bypass engines have a diameter of 110 inches which is mainly from the giant
 fan in the front. 

High bypass engines means most of the air being scooped up by that giant front fan is bypassed AROUND the engine, not through it. You can see in the video the give gap behind the front fan. Only a small portion of the air actually goes through the core of the engine and is compressed and heated. 

Notice the unusual shape of the front fan blades as well. This is possible with modern metals ayms composites. This shape is more efficient than fan blades of the past. 

These engines are about 15% more fuel efficient than the old versions due to all these cool advancements in technology.

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