Sunday, April 22, 2007

Charlie And The GOP

After three months in office, Republican Gov. Charlie Crist has earned praise from surprising quarters - Democrats, environmentalists and even The Nation, which bills itself as America's leading journal of liberal political opinion.......more

Some Of The Awful Things The Governor Has Done:

•Wetlands regulation. Saying he would veto a bill to strip local governments of the authority to regulate destruction of wetlands by developers - a measure strongly favored by developers.

•Voting machines. Joining with U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, a liberal Boca Raton Democrat, to advocate new voting machines that include a paper record of votes cast.

•Teacher meeting. Meeting in his office with representatives of the state teachers union, an organization scorned by Bush.

•Gay marriage. Announcing that he doesn't want the Republican Party to continue funding a constitutional amendment petition drive to ban gay marriage.
And Of Course state action against global warming and restoring civil rights for felons.

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Vox Populi said...

Oooops .. those civil rights are NO WHERE NEAR being restored yet. Hold the applause. As for the rest: Charlie is a good enough cheerleader for himself. The court is still way out on him. IMO.
There are huge questions on exactly what paper trail he is attempting to establish.
As well, we've overlooked the time taken to sit down with other gangsters (besides the teachers' union because the teachers' union does not represent most REAL teachers) like the gambling industry and firming up stuff and such with them while leaving other things dangling. Flash and dazzle, smoke and mirrors.
Show me some SUBSTANCE.
Thus far: Nada.
I'm noticing a national effort to promote this word:populist.
Could this be a thinly-veiled effort towards the PARTY OF ONE that the Republican party would LOVE?
I'm waiting for Charlie to show me some REAL STUFF. Some REAL solutions. Not just attempts to get himself on the ticket for 2008 and hand over the reins to Bill McCollum.
All this across-the-aisle-friendliness is really not what America needs today.
Where was all this bi-partisanship when they were able to kick our asses without a second thought? .....