Friday, June 22, 2007

Blair, White, Hagan, And Norman Inc.
The Vulgar Stench Of Corruption
I heard gasps in the audience. I was knocked back in my seat, aghast at the spectacle of our leaders selling us out. The citizens around me looked to each other for confirmation that this surreal nightmare was really happening. We rose silently at our seats in protest. We remained standing together through the bullsh “discussion” until the
Come to the EPC public hearing. The date is not set yet, so check back here or sign up for updates. If we don’t have BIG numbers at this hearing, our wetlands will be raped.
"This is the lowest moment in our county's history,".....Mariella Smith


Vox Populi said...

one thing: This is not THE lowest moment but close enough.
This county has many low moments to compete with this one.

Anonymous said...

Stogie: Thanks for spreading the word and raising awareness. Hope it gets people angry enough to stop this Gang of 4.

vox populi: The Trib said I went too far with that "lowest moment" comment too. When the reporter asked for a reaction right after the meeting I was so stupefied that I'm surprised I was even speaking in complete sentences. Maybe I should've said it's the lowest county commission we've ever had. I think they're even worse than the Bowmer gang that was led away in hadcuffs because these guys have found a legal way to do the same things.

Vox Populi said...

Mariella --- EXACTLY !!

They certainly have.