Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tackle Sprawl Or Voters Will

With a public fuming over congestion and sprawl, state planners and legislative leaders are again seeking ways to better manage Florida's growth. But unlike years past -- when politicians and planners passed tough growth laws only to water them down afterward
they're up against a possible public


Anonymous said...

It figures that you would support such and anti-american idea that would be against everything this country stands for. This movement should be called the Anti- Hometown Democracy or lets all be socialists referendum.

Mariella said...

From the state's new proposal to manage growth:

"Steer more growth to urban areas by easing or removing state requirements that developers ensure sufficient new-road capacity to handle more traffic.

"Speed up state review of large housing projects that provide affordable housing -- cutting the time from up to nine months today to 40 to 50 days."

I see how these ideas will help developers, but how will they help us and our communities? Our government seems unable to provide real solutions to the problems which are driving the Hometown Democracy movement.