Sunday, February 27, 2011

Racist Irateirishman

Some Of His Headlines
Tampa Jigs Repeatedly Use Taser to Discipline a Teenigger
Gold Toof Nigger Saved by his Bling-Mouf!
Victim Lives To See Nigger Plead Guilty To Horrific Crime
HNIC and The First She-Boon Have Bongo Party in the not so White House
"Just when you think niggers can't sink any lower,

they manage to drain just a little more from the cesspool"......Irateirishman
Fucking Mick!


Anonymous said...

The Irateirishman at first blush seems to be a racist SOB. But, upon closer examination, after reviewing his whole site, he does have a point. And that is that blacks are committing most of the crimes in this country (overwhelmingly so in many cities) and the press is covering for this by failing to state the race of the perpetrators.

And this is after the government has given these blacks every possible break and we the taxpaying public have thrown away trillions of dollars on welfare and other entitlements.

One of the things that I do not agree on with the Irateirishman is The Negroes that get into prestigious Universities such as Brown University on affirmative action seem to do OK. While they may not be geniuses and lead their class, many do graduate and go on to lead a life off of the welfare roles.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree. A closer look at the crime problem in the USA shows that the majority of crime is committed by these 'minorities'. Move to Detroit and find out the truth.

John said...

IrateIrishman is simply showcasing - telling the irrefutable facts, the outright truth. Deal with it. Living a lie, living in denial is no way to go through life Senor Stogie.

Kudos as well to SBPDL and Thugreport, both of which, wouldn't you know, do the same thing..... Tell The Truth. What a concept!

Jumpin' Jimmy Jigaboo said...

Irateirishman is bluntly telling the honest truth about n1ggers. This is something that the liberal n1gger-loving mainstream media never will do. If you don't like this site, don't visit it..that's all!!! That is freedom of speech....something that is little by little being taken away from us.

Re Waters said...

So wheres a website that gives the truth and facts about white people and all the mayhem they cause? Because you do realize white people kill, rob, use drugs, rape etc, so i dont want to be one sided and say yea blacks are sooo bad, lol

Algonquin J. Calhoun, Esq. said...

The actual truth is that 13% of the population commits at least 90% of the crime. Although I do agree that white people also commit crime, they do not do so with the frequency and violence that the average American Pavement Ape does. My only problem is that we need more sites like IrateIrishman, SBPDL, Natural Selection and Dead Nigger Storage to enlighten the public...especially the liberal white guilt factions of the natural propensity the knuckle draggers have for being the way they are.

Anonymous said...

I miss IrateIrishman, had to settle with Chimpout as a substitute and that's gone now too