Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brand GOP: Victor Crist and Al Higginbotham

Two years ago hundreds of people demanded that we start the conversation on transportation, the commissioners responded by creating Go Hillsborough to find out what the public wants. 
The number one selection of 16 categories: transit.

Yet, two Commissioners 
Victor Crist and Al Higginbotham 
told the Tampa Tribune they intend to derail the Go Hillsborough public input process before it’s over. What's worse the public proposal isn't line with what citizens have already asked for: there is ZERO transit included.

County Commissioners, We join others in asking you do three things:
1) Keep your promise and listen to the public: they want a balance including transit
2) Work with other leaders to come up with a transportation proposal for all citizens 
& for future generations
3) Stop trying to derail the process by making proposals before it is over

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Kevin Beckner we need you.