Monday, November 23, 2015

No Separation Of Church And State In Hillsborough County

Idlewild Baptist Church a decidedly conservative church in Lutz has monthly events where Hillsborough County teachers hang out. They get free t-shirts and coffee. 
Please note: Idlewild leaders have spoken out against gay marriage. Prominent members have included Bill Bunkley, a conservative radio personality, and Randy Armstrong, who led a constitutional initiative against tax-funded abortions. Republican presidential hopefuls stump at Idlewild during campaign season.
"I'm not comfortable at all," said Susan Smith, president of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida who is skeptical when church leaders say they are not recruiting. District leaders point out that Idlewild can help them meet children's sometimes pressing needs — needs that, in Smith's view, should be fully funded by the state. Instead, Smith said, "we have to beg billionaires for money and we have to beg churches for money." 

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