Friday, January 8, 2016

Florida Corporate Service Commission At Work

Commissioners agreed a $1.3 billion, natural gas-fired power plant proposed in rural Okeechobee County by Florida Power & Light — is needed to meet the demands of the state’s growing population.
The decision by the Florida Public Service Commission came after objections from a pair of environmental groups, the state Office of Public Counsel and the Florida Industrial Power Users Group. The Office of Public Counsel represents consumers in utility issues, while the Florida Industrial Power Users Group represents large electricity users.
Opponents questioned the need for the plant and argued it will hinder conservation efforts and slow the growth of renewable 
energy sources such as solar.
Julie Brown, who formally began a two-year term as chair of the commission Tuesday, said the plant is the 
“most cost effective option” 
to bring more power to the state. here
New meaning to the fox guarding the henhouse!

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