Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Florida GOP: Father-Son Duo Don Gaetz Of Niceville And Matt Gaetz of Fort Walton Beach

The Florida GOP is downright excited by two new permissive gun measures likely to pass in the upcoming legislative session. Never mind opposition from police chiefs, college presidents, campus police, professors and student organizations.seems hell-bent on adopting a campus carry bill, plus, there’s an open carry bill, which would allow Floridians with a concealed-weapons permit in Florida — all 1.4 million of them  to carry to carry their guns openly, anywhere they’re already allowed to carry concealed weapons. here and here 
University of South Florida-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey last summer found 48 percent of Floridians would favor, instead, more restrictive gun laws, while only 7 percent thought Florida gun regulations were “too restrictive.” (Another 42 percent considered existing laws “about right”). An overwhelming 73 percent opposed campus carry. But lawmakers consider gun rights sacred stuff in Florida.
Niceville and  Fort Walton Beach, we got your back!

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