Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tampa Bay GOP Dangerous To Your Health

The Florida GOP voted to allow concealed weapons to be carried on state college and university campuses. Over the objections of Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri and most Tampa Bay law enforcement leaders, it voted to allow 1.5 million gun owners with concealed weapons permits to openly carry their guns 
in most public places. 
Every Tampa Bay Republican 
except one voted for both gun bills. here

 Pinellas County
Rep. Larry Ahern 850-717-5066
Rep. Kathleen Peters 850-717-5069
Rep. Chris Sprowls 850-717-5065
Rep. Chris Latvala 850-717-5067
Hillsborough County
Rep. James Grant 850-717-5064
Rep. Shawn Harrison 850-717-5063
Rep. Jake Raburn 850-717-5057
Rep. Dan Raulerson 850-717-5058
Rep. Ross Spano 850-717-5059
Rep. Dana Young 850-717-5060
Pasco County
Rep. Danny Burgess Jr. 850-717-5038
Rep. Richard Corcoran 850-717-5037

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