Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tea Party Bloggers In Their Underwear In Ruskin

Our great County Commissioner Kevin Beckner has a new plan for our future.
Lets put 47 percent of the money raised to transit, bike and pedestrian projects.
Mayor Bob thinks Beckner's plan "threw the cities under the bus" and negates 2½ years of effort, including nearly 100 public meetings that led to the drafting of the sham that is Go Hillsborough, the one under investigation. He is willing to take that risk and not back down in the face of three tea party bloggers sitting in their underwear in their basements in Ruskin. here
"This is more than opposition from the tea party. I got opposition coming from my own Democratic Party, saying, 'We don't like this plan. It doesn't invest enough in transit."
 Kevin Beckner
There's basements in Ruskin?

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