Friday, April 29, 2016

GOP Hillsborough County Commissioners: "A Profile In Cowardice"

Tea Party rules around here!
The county commission voted 4-3 on Wednesday night to reject the proposed 30-year, half-cent sales tax, refusing to put it on the November ballot and letting voters decide.
"Sadly tonight a majority of the County Commission has refused to give the citizens of Hillsborough County an opportunity to decide for themselves whether their future includes a better transportation system. Rather than a profile in courage this vote was a profile in cowardice.Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn
"I am very disappointed that after years of work this board was not able to build consensus, I do look forward to the continued dialogue at our upcoming meeting and I'm hopeful that we might still be able to come to a consensus on such an important community issue as transportation." Kevin Beckner
Matthew Durshimer was all for the 30-year sales tax. He said it was the only way Hillsborough would attract corporate relocations and a younger workforce. Only the 30-year tax, he argued, would allow the county to build a real transit system. "And if the answer is no, then expect all the problems of today to get worse tomorrow," Durshimer said, "and expect all the young professionals like myself to leave this commununity.
Sandy Murman wants the board to hold yet another transportation workshop in the near future. It passed unanimously. GO Hillsborough was meant to fail from the begining. It was all a sham. here

We can start with Murman! here
Please note, it was smart what they did. It would not have passed. 
To much for roads and not enough for rail.

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