Friday, April 22, 2016

When Rick Scott Slithers Out Of The Governor’s Mansion

Ever wonder what will be left of natural Florida when Rick Scott slithers out of the Governor’s Mansion for the last time? Look at the Indian River Lagoon. Once a 150 mile-long bay of clear water filled with manatees, sea grasses and oysters, it has become a brown, stinking monoculture where only algae thrive. The fish are dying or dead. Look at the St. Johns River, or the Santa Fe River or Wakulla Springs and Silver Springs — all choking in toxic algal bloom fed by filthy runoff courtesy of Big Ag, Big Development and Big Sewer. No, not all of our environmental degradation happened on Scott’s watch. Previous governors have had a hand in it. here
Last year, the FWC Foundation gave him its top conservation award. That’s like giving Richard Nixon a merit badge for honesty. It’s absurd, appalling and entirely in keeping with the obsequious political vandals with which this governor surrounds himself.

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