Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Stogie Asked To Remove WMNF Logo

From this post
Email from WMNF:
To Whom It May Concern: 
It has been called to my attention that you are using the WMNF logo on one of your posts without permission. 
Please remove the logo as soon as possible. 
Thank you.
Craig Kopp
General Manager
88.5 WMNF Community Conscious Radio
Twitter: @wmnfcraigkopp

Do we have to remove them from these too? 
Mr. Kopp no worries, 
we will never do a post on you guys again!


Murf said...

how fucked up is that?

john murphy

Anonymous said...

If they keep alienating their listeners they aren't going to have any.

Jacob said...

What a great response to this bozo. One cannot help but wonder how someone so ignorant, and I think also quite stupid, gets to be general manager of any radio station. But he did and is and thinks he has some authority, enough so that he can flex his muscles and push people around, not realizing, of course, that the people he is pushing around are people who have helped his station and would have continued to do so except for the fact that he never bonded his so-called "authority" with either knowledge or intelligence, thus confirming my initial thought that he is both ignorant and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand this. A station like WMNF should want their logo out there. From the link it seems like this blog has been posting good things about the station for along time and it has been ok. Now when they post something bad it is not?

Anonymous said...

The hell with WMNF. They have been going down hill for a long time, might as well listen to WFLA!

Jim in Tampa said...

This is ridiculous, a big time radio station picking on a blogger, who by the looks of things has been posting positive things about the station for a very long time. Shame on you WMNF!