Wednesday, June 29, 2016

DR. FARID KHAVARI for Miami-Dade County Mayor 2016

No time for “politics as usual” when we face life-threatening problems.
We have had too many years of corrupt crony politics and stupid, wealth-transferring projects in Miami-Dade County.  Meanwhile, long-term problems were ignored, and now are growing into life-threatening emergencies.
Saltwater is rushing into our aquifer. Instead of fixing that, Mayor Gimenez wants to sell our water system so a private company like FPL can suck money out of us forever!
If we don’t get real plans and new leadership in Miami-Dade County, we should flee South Florida while we still can!
What will our homes be worth when there’s saltwater coming out of our faucets? When the ocean is in our streets? When there’s Fukushima event at the Turkey Point nuclear plant? And sewage all over the place? 
What good will new stadiums and fancy condos and nice slogans do us then?
Every day the people are gouged by tolls, red light cameras, even pet fees, to fund stupid projects that make a few people richer at our expense.  Every day more saltwater flows into our aquifer. 
People struggle to make a living, and now we face more FP&L rate hikes? Next we’ll be paying FPL for two new nuclear plants, even though they have problems cooling Turkey Point and are even taking water from the Everglades!
The good news is that solving these problems is the biggest economic opportunity in the history of Miami-Dade County!
But politics as usual won’t get the job done. 
Visit him here. He is running a grassroots campaign, help him out here

Only one candidate for Miami-Dade Mayor has solutions: Farid Khavari. 

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