Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Litbrit Will Not Fall In Line

They chose their nominee over a year ago, probably long before that. They were never going to let him win. But Bernie Sanders made an enormous, important, life-changing difference in our politics, at both the national level and the personal one--he moved me to become an American citizen; he moved my husband and sons to become Democrats. We will be leaving the party after the August primary in Florida, as we've committed to vote for Alan Grayson, and we will. At this point, we are leaning toward voting for Jill Stein in November. It is not about purity. It's about integrity. Robert and I agree that we can't in good conscience raise our sons to act and believe and behave in certain ways, and then turn around and support a candidate and a party whose actions reflect an ethos in direct conflict with same.
Watching Bernie walk out with his people a few minutes ago, after moving to suspend the rules and hand over all his delegates, my heart broke all over again (it broke good and hard the first time, when I watched his glum, gun-to-the-head "endorsement" two weeks ago, and again when I learned recently that he may have been threatened with the loss of important Senate committee standings if he did not endorse before the DNC this week). It broke not just for Bernie and Jane, but for my family and me, and for you. Even you who are enthusiastically supporting Mrs. Clinton. Because surely, having seen even a fraction of the evidence showing media and DNC collusion, of stacking the deck for a preferred candidate against the other three--in direct conflict with the party's by-laws--you cannot be happy with the way it went down. Yes: I'm sorry for you, too--sorry that your candidate won this way, just as I'm sorry about her Iraq vote, the harm her work at State brought down on dear little Honduras and broken, drone-attacked Yemen, and so much more that I've tried to talk about with you on my tiny little social media platform, even as many of you attacked me for being a "purist" and others (now long gone) accused me of being stupid, naïve, and even a right-wing operative. here

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Wow, you go girl!