Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cojones-Less Hillsborough County Commissioners

Exception Kevin Beckner
The Hillsborough BOCC has voted 6-1 in favor of the $600m plan to raid the existing budget to further subsidize sprawl. Outgoing commissioner Kevin Beckner was the lone no vote. Virtually 100% of the spending will occur in areas where developers are building houses, but are not providing adequate infrastructure. Instead, the county is increasingly taking money from taxpayers in established neighborhoods (Tampa), and using it to subsidize new growth. here
After a show of force by citizens at Wednesdays meeting they still voted against us. Hillsborough Dems wake up, you have the power, 
do the the math. 
Registered voters in Hillsborough County
GOP 265,073 - Dems 330,614
On November 8th you can keep 
Mr. Beckner's seat and get rid of the 
god-awful Sandy Murman. 

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