Thursday, October 27, 2016

Darryl Rouson - Coward!

"Darryl Rouson, since you de-friended me, I'll just tag your public page and let everyone know how much of a sellout you are...Please see this video and understand that your policy position and advocacy against Amendment 2 directly contributes to the death of our loved ones. You do not deserve to hold office with such a repugnant stance! Debate over Amendment 2 coward!" Chris Cano


Turn2 Liberty said...

Where is the video? I click on Cano, and nothing happens. Darryl Cousin was, last check, wanting prison reform. His comments where tiwards a single race, but I support that type of effort for Floridians, without regard to skin color or family dynamic. Show us the video...thanks.

Stogie said...

Kevin, I checked the link, it is working.