Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sandy Murman's October Surprise

$600 Million Slush Fund
"It's really nothing more than a $600M subsidy for more sprawl - exactly what Hillsborough County does not need." Kent Bailey
"Just another south county giveaway. Hundreds of millions flows to south county, where the developers don't pay shit and neither does the sprawling tax base." Jason Ball
"Politicians and government workers go to jail for misappropriation of public funds. Remind them." 
Kevin O'Neill
"Sinking to a new low. Appalling isn't even a full enough term to describe it!" Susan Lee
"Never stop screwing us, huh?" Leslie O'Brien

Her victory lap on approval of $600 million in transportation (improvements?) here

We can stop her! Do the math. Registered voters in Hillsborough County.

GOP 265,073 - Dems 330,614

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Turn2 Liberty said...

Define "We".
The People want a say, they want professionalism in city planning, they want a list of goals, project spending that meets those goals, and an end to politicians that fail to sell the plan, and worse - hide the details through agenda items that only specify suspension of accepted procedures, and release of $600 MM over the next decade. Not acceptable level of controls on project dollars. Non-starter. My left thumb says so.