Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tiger Bay City Council and County Commission Candidates In Ybor

L’Unione Italiana

Jeffrey Zampitella
Visit him here

Pat Kemp
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Orlando Gudes

Gary Dolgin

Mitch Perry
Read what he wrote here

Marie of Tony's Ybor Restaurant
They provided the great lunch.
Visit them here

Pat and Jeff with friends

Florida GOP and Pro TBX county commission candidates Sandy Murman and Tim Schock had more important things to do and could not make it.
 "Murman is afraid to debate me because then she'll have to answer about her ethics issues that tainted the GoHillsborough process and wasted millions of dollars that ended with her vote to kill and chance we have of funding/building/operating a 21st century transit system."
Jeffrey Zampitella

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