Thursday, October 20, 2016

GOP Tim Schock Running Scared

Tim Schock has had plenty of chances to debate Pat Kemp. He failed to show at last Friday’s Tiger Bay debate in Ybor City. . He has repeatedly declined offers by the League of Women Voters to schedule a debate. Sandra Sroka, president of the Hillsborough County League of Women Voters, said that the League had made tentative plans to host a forum between Kemp and Schock, but that Schock said he had a conflict on the initial date they proposed. She said they would see if they could change the date, but she  says that after not hearing back from Schock, they had to make a decision. Vic DiMaio with the Tampa Tiger Bay Club says that Schock also had a conflict on the date that they had scheduled, and that they couldn’t reschedule. here
Schock is nothing but a developers pawn. With the $600 Million our current commissioners just gave away to developers he is the last person we need on our commission. With Trump bringing the GOP down and the Clinton landslide coming he knows that Kemp is about to kick his ass. Kemp is a local icon and has the voters trust. He, has nothing to say to voters!


Anonymous said...

ha! Well said Stogie.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone taking bets on how bad she is going to beat him?