Sunday, February 26, 2017

Coffee with Asher Edelson

Asher D. Edelson is the Vice President of the Democratic Disability Caucus of Hillsborough County. By the age of 12, Edelson was a published author with political ambitions. In 2014, Edelson was the youngest candidate in Hillsborough County’s history to run for School Board District 6 at age 19. Currently, Edelson is finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at USF as well as serving as a Precinct Committeeman for the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee.

Asher is well-known in the Bay area’s progressive political movement for initiating conversations on potential candidates in addition to highlighting important local policy issues via Facebook and other social media outlets. The Ybor City Stogie recently sat down with Edelson to learn more about his work with the Democratic Hillsborough County Disability Caucus and discover his thoughts on the 2018 local elections. 

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