Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mariella Smith: Letter To Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio sent me a galling fundraising letter. Now. He was just elected in November to a six-year term and he's already asking for money for his next election! Here's my response:

Dear Senator Rubio,
Your next election is 6 years away. Stop campaigning & fundraising and start doing your actual job: meet with your constituents and listen to us — all of us — left & right. It is seriously off-putting that you would be asking us all for money while you refuse to listen to us all. You refuse to hold town hall meetings because you can’t bear to hear some people who might disagree with you, yet you ask us all to support you financially. And please stop sounding like such a scaredy cat about the "barrage of attacks from Democrats.” You are supposed to work for ALL your constituents, from all parties. YOU are supposed to lead us together, toward healing our divides — not rile us up into fearing one another so you can profit off this fear-mongering.
You are our Senator. Start acting like a statesman, instead of a politician.

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